Intrepid Commanding Presence

Why it is easier for you than Aladdin’s

   This is my gift for you. I want you to live a high life, and that you do it easily. No extraordinary effort or will power are needed. If you take a look at people who succeeded, you will find them to be average in many ways but open, patient and persistent.

       We believe that thought is our main strength  but in fact it is the unconscious who runs our life. It controls the functions of the organism including perceptions and our attractions; it produces the instant report on reality that the conscious side takes without discussion and thus it decides our behavior.

Once a notion gets imprinted in our minds it determines our ideas and actions.  Children too. Limiting beliefs are etched in the unconscious and we don’t even know they are there. It does not matter if the notion is true or not; you can rest assured it will materialize.

       For example, the notion that Covid19 is deadly for the elderly. I mean, irrespective of how strong is your immune system. It could easily spread with fear or panic and got engraved in the unconscious of many who ignored unconfirming evidence. Then, their unconscious mind quickly lowered their immune system and the notion became real. This happened against their conscious and sound wish to stay safe. Their conscious mind was unaware of the workings of the unconscious.

Incredibly, our thinking mind conveyed the wrong impression to the unconscious that used all of its enormous power to make it happen. It is simply dramatic that yet, the unconscious is eager to fulfill our desires just like it did with Aladdin, except for the flying rugs and that you don’t need a lamp for this.

There is a notion that is even more disgraceful: The notion of scarcity planted in our unconscious plagues humankind: War, poverty, lack of integrity, discrimination, competition without cooperation, self-defeating behavior, famine, many of the negatives come from that erroneous notion. Yes, true, millions of people are hungry but overall, there is abundance in the world: we are now over 7.5 billion at the table, triple than in 1950  and nature continues to create more and better life.  

All our ideas and actions are offsprings of notions that got engraved in our unconscious and that have an unstoppable force to become true. Self-help industry has identified “limiting beliefs” that prevent our full development. These are deep inside our unconscious and we don’t even know they are there. And it is all the more disgraceful because the unconscious is eager to help us in our fulfillment and it makes it very easy for us to access.

       Writing a book on charisma and leadership I came across the work of a few doctors and scientists who helped hundreds of thousands of people in France, mostly pro bono. They presented their research in the Academia as they wanted it to be taught at the university but it was rejected and by the 1920’s they passed and their knowledge was forgotten and left away of public curiosity. 

       They found out how impressions that get engraved in the unconscious create a disgraceful life and how easy it is to make it work for you using thought instead of haphazardly as we do it all the time. The unconscious turns out to be incredibly powerful and tireless. It then makes all the sense to communicate with it in order to reach a high level in human evolution. 

       This is the best time in History to reach you anywhere in the whole world in seconds so that you may benefit from it. 

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About the author

When Leon was two, his mom took him to an educated woman who said he was “Very judicious.” 

It was a great exaggeration but it made him graduate in Business Economics and in Law. Later on, thanks to a Fulbright Grant, he obtained the degree of Master of Business Administration at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 

An executive and entrepreneur, passionate of Economics and the mountain, he feels great when he can make himself useful to others. 

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Grateful4Life Passionate for business, economic policies to create jobs, and mountains. It feels great to create more and better life for all.

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