My First Blog Post

Why I am here

Si en algo mi humilde persona roza la excepcionalidad, es en la capacidad de disfrutar.

— Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera

I believe the best ideas come to your mind when you mean to be useful to others and do not pretend to be their owner. I never planned to write books.

We have lived for centuries under the false belief that thought conducts our life but in reality it is the “unconscious” who runs our organism, our bodily functions, including our perceptions and the memory. It prepares the instant report on reality that the conscious side takes without discussion and thus it determines our decisions.

Once a notion gets imprinted in our minds it determines our ideas and actions.  Children too. What we think and do looks reasonable to us but the real reason is well hidden in the unconscious who does not trust our thinking mind. Limiting beliefs are etched in the unconscious and we don’t even know they are there. It does not matter if the notion is true or not; you can rest assured it will materialize.

Quite often, we allow impressions that are very damaging to ourselves and others to become notions etched in the unconscious. In that case, the unconscious will make sure they will materialize without regard to go against our conscious and sound wishes. The tragedy is that the unconscious is eager to help us with all its power but it got the wrong communication from our thinking mind.

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